HPCC Ingredients

Rossari manufactures a variety of products that find their use in home and personal care formulations particularly in the laundry and cleaning space. We are proud to leverage our experience from various other fields to develop innovative solutions in the arena of home and personal care to enhance the performance of your formulation while maintaining a focus on environmental friendliness and sustainability.  “Tailored to your every need; to know more, contact us @_________”


Products offered

  • Anti-redeposition additives for laundry
  • Fabric care ingredients
  • Disinfectant additives for cleaning products


HPCC products

In addition to the manufacture of specific ingredients we also manufacture a range of cleaning, laundry and personal care products for a wide variety of partners and within the institutional industry. Rossari Biotech is proud to associate our technology with the leading brands to bring the best cleaning solutions to a store near you!


Brand associations

  • IFB
  • Unilever
  • Reliance Retail
  • Bosch
  • Panasonic


Institutional Home and Personal Care products